The first goal of ATX-Dyno is to manufacture products of the highest quality. The achieved quality yields reliable, long-term operation free of defects, as well as an extension of service for parts subject to normal operational use. This also allows fulfillment of our carbon neutrality commitment through a minimized product carbon footprint.

Given the volume of emissions in developed countries and their environmental impact, our second goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality of our production by 2035. Since the beginning of our business, we have managed to reduce our total CO2 emissions by 50%. We have already begun using electricity from renewable resources and have been manufacturing parts of our dynamometers from local sources whenever possible. We are continuously taking steps to achieve further reductions. The result is an inevitable curtailment of CO2 emissions.

We are socially responsible for CO2 neutrality and take great pride in working toward this goal. Only together, can we fulfill both of these worthy commitments that will lead to differentiated companies of excellence and innovation.

Jakub Klobasa, ATX-dyno CEO